Friday, November 13, 2009

Tuesday 10th day 2

The P90X plyo workout is no joke. I had to hit pause in the middle so I could get something else to wipe my sweat off my rag was soaked!

Feeling good about my first two days. Trying to eat right again this is the hard part for me.


  1. Hey Seth way to go with the P90X - great choice for sure. My name is Meaghan Davenport and I am an Independent Beachbody Coach who is also just starting P90X (week 2, plyo was last night).

    What you consume is definitly 80% of your battle. Are you an actual Beachbody Customer? Do you have a coach? If you joined Beachbody as a Club Member you have access to nutritional support, meal planning, Mitchi's Ladder and a whole lot of other great tips etc. If you want more info on this feel free to look me up on Facebook or visit my website for my contact info. Http://

    I will also tell you that the P90X Recovery Formula is MAGIC! It will really help with the muscle recovery and rebuild after your daily workouts! I have been using it for quite some time now and boy does it help!

    Best of luck to you and again feel free to contact me if you are looking for some support :)

  2. Seth, the biggest key is to follow the nutrition plan. It REALLY works. Anyone can do the workouts, but you won't get the results unless you can commit to the protein and vegetables. Completion of the P90X program will help you in other aspects of fitness - you'll be able to run better, flexible, and have a strong back and core. You'll show up in spring training in kick ass shape if you do it right. Good luck!

  3. Great to hear! I'm a P90X grad and starting round 2! Yes, plyo is intense! Hell, every workout is! Just hang in there and follow the diet guidelines. The food is VERY critical to getting good results. Also, definitely use the results & recovery formula, it is a HUGE help in recovery.

    Justin Pinkley
    Independent Beachbody Coach

  4. Plyo can kick your butt, but like Tony says, 'hit the pause button'. Expect to be sore, but it gets better. I credit the plyo and other interval workouts from p90x along with the back routines for really helping me recover between pitching outings this last season.

  5. Did you enjoy the "sports bonus" at the end of PlyoX?

  6. Hey Seth, I'm 23, pitcher from South Carolina and I heard about P90x, I was wondering if this is actually good for pitchers? I'm also trying to go from 160 to 170 lbs... can this program really help me achieve that goal? I know you just started using this program, but it'd be good to hear from you. thanks, Ryan