Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday December 10th

The P90X yoga program kicks my butt hard core....... I have to admit I feel stupid doing some of this stuff. I hadn't done much yoga before this program!

I was asked in the comment section about my extra running. I do not want to turn this thing into question and answer but to fill you in on what I am doing out side of P90X, I will clarify what the running is. I do a lot interval running on my treadmill along with running on the basketball courts. I also love doing elliptical workouts on my precore. The Precore really helps my knees.

I love the P90X program and I feel stronger all ready. It does kick my butt and it is a complete workout but as a professional baseball player I still have to train for a specific task. That is the reason for the extra running and other specific training.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday December 7th Update

Still pressing play, Stephanie and my little 14 week old are both sick so I am getting my work in late.

I have decided to use bands and I am starting to feel stronger in my shoulders. This is a great thing because pitching uses a lot shoulder strength.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3rd update!

Back blogging about my P90X workouts, I know its been a while. The Thanksgiving Holiday has come and gone and I am trying to step up my intensity before Christmas.

I am starting to feel a little stronger and I am seeing some of the fat go away. I am still not able to do the whole routine to my liking. P90X is no joke.

I would be lying to say I have been doing it each and every day. Its been real hard trying to balance it all out. I still get in there and press play as much as I can and it is starting to make me stronger.

Looking forward to getting back in my gym tomorrow and continuing to make progress