Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pushing Play...It Is Commitment

One day turned in to two and two in to four but I made myself hit play and jump back in the P90X mix. I had been sore from my Baseball Running conditioning that I have to do while I also do P90X. The combo had kicked my butt. So here I am back on my feet.

If your starting out in your P90X workout or any workout and you miss a day or two, do not give up. Get your self back in front of the TV and hit play. It is commitment.


  1. Seth, any chance you can tell us about what your other running conditioning is? It'll be interesting to hear what you're able to keep up along with P90x.

  2. Thats awesome Seth, you're gonna see incredible results if you stick to the entire program, most importantly the meal plan. Also, how can I go about advertising on your blog? I'd like to link your P90x links to my site, or put a small banner on your sidebar, let me know...