Friday, November 13, 2009


My Name is Seth McClung, I am 28 years old and I am a father of a brand new baby girl. I have also been a pitcher in the Major Leagues since 2003. I am around 6'6" 6'7" and my weight can fluctuate between 255-275 pounds. Its crazy how much my weight can move during the year.

My body started changing its shape drastically almost immediately after I got drafted and started my pro career in 1999. As a Senior at Greenbrier East, I was around 220 pounds. At 6'6" 220 I was in my athletic prime. I ran cross country, I did high jump in track and played a very aggressive small forward in basketball. I was the goal keeper in Soccer and as you might expect I also played baseball. (shortstop and centerfield) After my prep career was over I began playing Pro Baseball. I played my fist game in June and My last game of that season in late August. By that time I had gained some significant weight. I was about 255 pounds. Since that point in my life at 18-19 years old I have struggled with keeping my weight from fluctuating.

My problem areas are two things, Consistency of strength training and Consistency of eating well. Growing up I could eat anything and not gain extra fat. As a adult I fight the eating patterns I established as a youth. I will eat well one day, poor the next.

I picked the P90X program because I have heard positive feed back from many of my peers. I also did research and spoke with the representatives of P90X. I learned of the programs core philosophy and eating guidelines. As an athlete that preforms at an elite level, I am exposed to some of the best workouts and information out there. P90X is a high quality product and I am excited to get started. I plan to use P90X not to just help me prepare for our long season but also to allow me to maintain control of my body shape. In doing so, place me in position to live a healthy active lifestyle after my playing career is over.

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