Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting Ready For the Season

As this season gets closer I am still pressing play. I love how complete these workouts are. They work every part of your body. I have had to slow down my P90X program because of baseball training in order to be ready for the season.

One of the crazy things is how much people are talking about this program. So many of my friends and my better half's friends are thinking about or starting p90x!
Keep pressing play people you will love your body after you put in the hard work!!


  1. Keep rockin the X Seth! That's awesome! I've done 2 rounds of it and it still whoops my butt! :)

  2. Hey Seth,

    Ever thought of becoming a Beachbody Coach? Big discounts and products and extra money to be made. It sounds like you are already sitting on a small gold mine with all of your friends looking to start "pressing play"! Check out this link to find out more about becoming a Coach.

    Good Luck with the upcoming baseball season!

    -Nathan McCabe

  3. Seth, I'm a 23 year old pitcher thinking of doing P90x. All I've heard my entire career is that as a pitcher you do not want to get too big as to lose flexibility.

    If I begin P90x, should I modify anything to accomodate for the fact that I am a pitcher?