Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday December 10th

The P90X yoga program kicks my butt hard core....... I have to admit I feel stupid doing some of this stuff. I hadn't done much yoga before this program!

I was asked in the comment section about my extra running. I do not want to turn this thing into question and answer but to fill you in on what I am doing out side of P90X, I will clarify what the running is. I do a lot interval running on my treadmill along with running on the basketball courts. I also love doing elliptical workouts on my precore. The Precore really helps my knees.

I love the P90X program and I feel stronger all ready. It does kick my butt and it is a complete workout but as a professional baseball player I still have to train for a specific task. That is the reason for the extra running and other specific training.

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